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In the School Administrator Mentorship Program blog this week, Amber speaks about Management as a Principal, ( I have decided to focus my blog on answering the question:  What can I do to better align my vision and priorities?

I have taken this as a great opportunity to reflect on what I value and see as my vision.  In doing so, I hope to use this as a way to help me prioritize what I do on a daily basis at my school.

I will start with what I value because I believe this leads directly to my vision.  I value:

  • people – students, teachers, staff, parents, and colleagues
  • relationships – respect, understanding, honesty
  • learning – collaboration, differentiated instruction, technology, supports, reflection
  • time, organization, and flexibility

My vision is to be a leader that cultivates a school culture where everyone open-heartedly contributes to doing whatever it takes to help each child succeed in school.  This means that students will feel safe and secure, they will have a sense of belonging, they will be willing to take risks as learners and will value education.

So what will my priorities be?

  1. Building Relationships – I will model my values of respect, understanding, and honesty as I spend a large part of my day working on relationships.  I will make sure that I am out and about – in classrooms, hallways, the playground, and the staffroom.
  2. Support – I realize that my school vision is very demanding.  Therefore I know that a big priority will be to find out how I can best support staff.  I will need to be constantly looking and listening for what people need.   It could be helping with discipline, finding resources, helping plan PD, and giving people time…
  3. Learning – This encompasses my learning, staff learning, and student learning.  It means taking time to learn new ideas; collaboration; joining in common grade level PLC times; being aware of best practices and solid pedagogy in the school; and then taking the time to share.
  4. Technology – Our school has embraced technology and creatively finds many ways to use it to engage our students and help them learn.  So I need to make sure that the technology runs smoothly and that there is opportunity to build on everyone’s technological knowledge.  I need to support staff in their journey with technology.
  5. Organization – With sound organization, the managerial tasks like emails, reports, phone calls, and general planning should take less time. The more organized I am, the easier it will be for me to focus on the other priorities.

By taking the time to reflect on my vision and values I feel that I can better understand what my priorities should be and where I need to align my time.


Your thoughts?

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